If you see I have used your gif in my gifset and want credit (that you totally deserve) PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I will add you to the list of credit on the original post immediately.

My RP blog gets too many notes when I publish gifsets, so I will be publishing all my gifsets here. This is mainly for fun and feels, and also because other people lack gifs that I could create.

If you use my gifs, please like or reblog them and don't remove credit please and thanks.

I will take some gifsets by request. Emphasis on some. I have the right to decline your request at my leisure because I'm a lazy gif-maker, alright? Alright.

--Loki SoN

Portfolio for oncedeadliesmith | Hollow Art →

My Hollow-Art account.
Just for reference, and if anyone’s interested.

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+ 12ish gificons of Ravens

Like or reblog if using.

All of them are watermarked with ohw, my old Diaval blog’s url acronym, but if you don’t mind that, then please feel free to use them as you like!

They were fun to make at the time, so ye.

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+ 50+ gificons of Sam Riley

Like or Reblog if using!

Pree much half of these are Diaval, but there’s other goodies in here, too.

Most of them are tagged with ohw, which was my Diaval blogs acronym. Don’t worry about it. He’s inactive, use as many of these as you like!

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+ 45 icons of Dreama Walker

If using, please like or reblog. 

I made every single one of these.

Requested by: 

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[I said I’d get these done by september but i have failed. I will try to be more vigilant.]


  • 50 icons (random fantasy creatures from movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, the Labrynth, and movies of that style)
  • 15 gificons (Theon Greyjoy/Reek set)
  • gifset (the closing conversation of Angel episode “Damage” season 5 epsisode 11. Spike and Angel talk about the nature of evil, Spike is in a hospitol bed.)* 
    * I will get this if I can get a good quality vid rip
  • Promo (for Ivy)

[I will try to work on these in the coming weeks babuu]


  • 50 icons
  • no 15 gificons 
  • photoset or gifset (just yes, no specifics)
  • promo 

[tell me whatchu want and i shall do the thing hopefully]


  • 50 icons
  • 15 gificons
  • photoset or gifset
  • no promo

[well at least i got progress on yours, loller]

[feel free to kick my ass in gear, lovies, but I’m making a list here for myself so nothing gets too buried in my asks
you can also opt out of stuff if you want, like promos or whatevers]

+ 50 Eric Draven icons


If using, please like or reblog. 

I made every single one of these.

Requested by: xknivesandlint

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+ 50 Tony Stark Icons


If using, please like or reblog. 

I made every single one of these.

Requested won in a giveaway by: what-the-stark

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8 gificons of stephen fry from Jeeves and Wooster

7 gificons of paul bettany

Hope they suit your needs~!

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This kid was seventeen in the vid I made these from. 
He is twenty right at this very minute. How. C h i l d.

Witchcraft is the only viable explanation imo.

There are 50 icons for your use as a reward for my giveaway.

Hope the icons are to your liking!

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