If you see I have used your gif in my gifset and want credit (that you totally deserve) PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I will add you to the list of credit on the original post immediately.

My RP blog gets too many notes when I publish gifsets, so I will be publishing all my gifsets here. This is mainly for fun and feels, and also because other people lack gifs that I could create.

If you use my gifs, please like or reblog them and don't remove credit please and thanks.

I will take some gifsets by request. Emphasis on some. I have the right to decline your request at my leisure because I'm a lazy gif-maker, alright? Alright.

--Loki SoN

here have two extra gifs from my weird gif making splurge today

Bucky’s file at the end of CA:TWS

These gifs are kind of crap because of this bootleg, but I hope they will serve you well. 
Don’t say Loki never did anything for ya. Ehehe.

I made you some gifs.


And I know you hear their voices
Calling from above
And I know they may seem real
These signals of love
But our life’s made up of choices
Some without appeal
They took for granted your soul
And it’s ours now to steal

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I like the second joker icon better tbh.